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It is time to ‘change’ in the communication world... Digitalization is rewriting the rules of marketing and communication as we speak. Change is the hard fact of the new concepts of marketing and brand. And those who cannot keep up simply lose...

“Digitalization points to a brand-new world”

Founded 15 years ago, Arma PR offers ‘Brand Management and Communication Consulting’ services through which it has experienced the transformation in marketing and communication approaches. In this new world order that is becoming more and more digitalized, we integrate new ideas and methods into our work processes to improve our agency as a new generation communication consulting agency.

Our dynamic, ever evolving and innovating structure has enabled us to offer competitive edge to our clients while creating exclusive and value-added solutions. With a well-defined strategy, we closely monitor the market conjuncture and the needs of our clients, and we can offer an overall management approach for their communication efforts, drawing on our highly educated and experienced team of professionals. All in all, we serve our clients as their true companion.


Public Relations

In today’s business world where branding is getting more and more important, by being in the point of creativity meets communication, Public Relations is the most reliable and convincing communication method. Also, it increases its effect if worked together with Advertising and other communication disciplines.

Digital Marketing

Apart from the traditional methods, digital marketing offers an interactive communication approach and therefore becomes a very effective method for the brands/companies meeting with the target audience. At this point, in the digital arena that offers unlimited opportunities for companies and brands, it is a necessity to carry out correct and effective practices.


In a world where there are no boundaries for competition, making well-built advertising campaigns became a necessity to be realized. Therefore, the promotional activities prepared for the goals of the company or the brand should be carried out on one hand, harmoniously, and rapidly with 360-degree communication vision.