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‘Marketing’ services have been digitalized and a new approach has emerged due to the increase in internet users as the technology advances. Digital marketing was born as a result of a new understanding that meets ever-changing expectations and demands, has an effective, and interactive aspect, and enables rapid return. Although traditional methods are still in use, it is practically impossible to separate them from digital marketing and principles.


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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the new power and the savant of modern times where the world becomes increasingly smaller and the number of competitors increases. There are 54 millions of active internet users in Turkey. Having considered that more than half the world population uses the internet, we can more clearly see the influence of digital marketing and mix on the communication spheres.

The ease of use, accessibility and measurable results of digital marketing implemented through mobile and interactive channels make it stand out from the rest. Digital marketing costs less than the traditional methods and allows a double-sided communication, which create advantages for the brand. Digital marketing is dynamic, flexible and experience oriented. It has greater potential because it is systematic. It offers predictable results in achieving goals. Brands and companies that do not use digital marketing techniques integrated into traditional methods will face great challenges in the competitive environment in the market.

Marketing Techniques of the 21st Century

The world is becoming more digital. Machines, devices, methods, and even behaviors are involved in a digital transformation. At this point, there is something missing if you still do not have a digital marketing strategy and do not integrate the most up-to-date digital techniques into your communication processes. At Arma PR, we make sure that your brand quickly gets through the right clients in the most effective, by using the right channels. We ensure you to achieve permanent success with different business models according to the dynamics of each sector and every company.

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