Digital PR

Technology, having advanced immensely, crosses all the borders that the traditional methods have not reached while bringing new approaches with it. Especially, the online platforms offer an appropriate ground for interactive and two-way communication and the number of visitors reach millions, making digital processes much more important for all industries. This makes online reputation management mandatory for the life cycles of their brands in the increasingly competitive conditions of the globalizing world. Digital PR is the most important strategic step of online reputation management, which is one of the effective parameters of the communication mix.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR stands for the use of online channels such as social media, social bookmarking, search engine, blog and news sites for public relations in accordance with the goals and strategies of the brand / company. Digital PR, which makes a difference for that it addresses to a wider audience, is easy to target, and offers effective results, costs much less than the offline media and its return can be measured easily.

Digital PR, which plays the leading role in “online crisis management” as well as in online reputation management, acts as a savior in difficult moments with its rapid action. At this point, Digital PR follows a proactive path and not only detects possible and unexpected crises, but also pacifies the chaos caused by the grapevine by acting rapidly.

What Are The Steps of Digital PR?

In principle, Digital PR involves all the processes of traditional PR, but it offers a much more complex structure than the usual communication methods. This structure reveals much more effective data to meet changing consumer expectations, needs, and evolving buying habits. It creates an accessible medium to reach the existing and potential target audience in today's market conditions. At this point, social networks emerge as the flagship of Digital PR and methods. The fact that social networks create their own world and rules makes it compulsory for brands to make their presence in this field visible and strong.

Digital PR

  •        The following tools are prepared and sent to online media: press releases optimized in accordance with the SEO,
  •        Written and visual materials,
  •        Content suitable for the perception to be created regarding the brand,
  •        Information about the solution related to the product or service,
  •        Viral works. The process is concluded by proper targeting and reporting according to the required results.

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