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New power tool of the online ecosystem: digital advertising

Today, developments in internet technologies have enabled communication channels to evolve and digitalization of traditional advertising methods. Marketing models, which have experienced a rapid digital transformation, have migrated to the online base, and the role of digital advertising and its types on consumer behavior has gradually increased. The digital advertisement, which can reach more people in a short time and offers traceable results, has the opportunity to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions instantly. Today, digital advertising continues to dominate marketing strategies in terms of recall, image, awareness and brand loyalty.

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is a communication approach that presents the message that the brand / company wants to highlight in accordance with the dynamics of the digital media. The most important feature is to announce the character and identity desired to be created by the brand by raising awareness. Digital advertisements offer an advantage to prevent losing the messages in a bundle of data created for the brand/company, especially within the scope of promotional activities, and to keep these messages in mind. These advantages include;

  • Lower costs compared to traditional media,
  • Proper positioning,
  • Reaching an audience with high potential,
  • Very easy to analyze,
  • Results can be reported,
  • Establishes brand recognition,
  • Enables brand / company to be easily noticed in the increasing competitive environment,
  • Facilitates interaction with the consumer,
  • Drives the audience.

Digital Advertising Models

Digital advertising models are most frequently preferred in social media channels, news sites and search engines with millions of users. Especially search engines are very important for the new generation buying habits. The research that modern consumers make before purchasing a product brings search engine ads to a vital point for brands. At this point, getting the first place as a result of the research done by the consumer on the search engines can make the brand the first choice of the consumer. Also;

  • Interstitial advertisement, (Ads that are loaded at the same time with the page and appear in the middle or the entire screen)
  • Pageskin, (Page wrap advertising)
  • Pop-up, (Ads hidden in words and images)
  • Native, (Ads in the last part of the news)
  • E-mail, (Mailing)
  • Rollover, (Banner opened when rolling over the mouse)
  • Video ads are also among the digital advertisement types.

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