Doğru Cevap Educational Institutions Choose Its PR Agency

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Haberler

Doğru Cevap Education Institutions, which set out with the principles that it has adopted in its understanding of education and that it does not compromise, chose Arma PR for communication studies. Aiming to raise generations in the light of local and national values, Doğru Cevap Educational Institutions bring the past together with today's educational values. Aiming to raise good people as a duty for a better future, Doğru Cevap; aims to make a difference to the Turkish education system with its educational model, technological infrastructure and strong education staff. Aiming to be among the milestones of the Turkish education sector, Doğru Cevap Education Institutions continue to grow with the mission it undertakes and educators who can carry out the vision it has. In this direction, it initiates a thematic and technological education process, accompanied by auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods by expert educators. This process initiated by the Doğru Cevap Educational Institutions aims to raise a world citizen who is committed to national and universal values.

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