Event & Project Management

If you want to be different, achieve things that touch people...

This statement, establishing the essential principle of the contemporary marketing strategies, is inarguably accepted by all in this new world order that has become a global village. Why? The most effective way to stand out from the crowd of recurring products and services, same messages, intense messages, promotions turning into a bombardment is the ability to touch the target audience. Event & Project Management leads to an authentic path for brands and companies in their communication processes that turn into a complex structure.

Event & Project Management implemented in line with a well-defined strategy with all details meticulously prepared plays a key role to access the potential and target audience. Event & Project Management aims at conveying the required message to the target audience in the most effective way, creating the experience, adding value to the brand and the company.

What Does Event & Project Management Add to Your Brand/Company?

Add value to time, make feel special...

Sensitive balances affecting the ever-changing consumer expectations and buying habits make it increasingly difficult to establish brand loyalty. Consumers, who are interested in what they feel rather than the rational benefits of the product / service, make their preferences accordingly. When all the activities within the scope of Event & Project Management are conducted within creative elements and by a team that is well programmed, coordinated and has control over the processes.

  • They create the sense of possession,
  • They bring the product closer to the consumer,
  • They position the product,
  • They offer information on the product,
  • They move the public opinion leaders,
  • They offer a value-added consumer service,
  • They unveil product benefits as well as personal ones,
  • They convey reliable messages to the target audience.

Event & Project Management and Scope

 Create an inspiring story that will establish a strong bond...

Events determined in accordance with the strategies of the brand / company should be carried out in order to ensure that the brand / company achieves its business goals, to add value to the brand / company, to sustain success and to be positioned at the right point.

Brands and companies may apply the following event methods accordingly.

  • Corporate events,
  • Openings
  • Trade fairs,
  • Conferences and congresses,
  • Contests,
  • Exhibitions,
  • Receptions,
  • Meetings,
  • Special days, projects...

Considering these processes, Arma PR organizes such events within the scope of the Event & Project Management service and integrates them into the brand’s advertising, marketing and PR strategies. Moreover, it implements inspiring works and unique projects to make you establish a direct bond with the target audience.

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