Graphic & Web Design

In marketing strategies that are gradually becoming more complex, the first rule of being visible is to be different. Graphic & web design is the most effective power tool to make this difference more concrete. Graphic & web design that is applied in many stages of communication processes, appears in the most visual elements.

Web design; Your Website is your digital display...

Websites are the most important tools of brands / companies in reaching their goals of communication, sales and promotion in the digitalized world. In line with its marketing strategies, websites, whose power and domain are growing gradually, affect the buying tendencies of the user and also play an important role on variables such as image and reliability.

It is not as easy for a website to demonstrate the desired effect. Today, hundreds of brands of websites are available, and websites that do not meet certain criteria cannot achieve their goals. A well-designed website may differ from others depending on the criteria such as goal, function, what or who it will represent. In this case, websites, which are the reflection of brands / companies in the digital world, should be handled within the scope of web design activities in order to meet certain criteria, to meet consumer expectations and to provide the desired traffic.

A good web design should be simple but effective, functional but esthetic

Keeping the target audience on the website is as important as attracting the target audience to the website. Users who do not want to spend their time on a complex and tiring website on the internet where everything is consumed very fast, does not hesitate to move on to the next website. Fast websites that are simply designed, easy to navigate, easy to understand. A website that is minimally designed should

  • Give the message directly
  • Prefer color shades that do not tire the eye
  • Be free from all the unnecessary elements
  • Be designed in a manner to enable users to find directly what they look for.

Graphic Design

In order to plan an effective advertisement and promotion, a good knowledge of advertising, marketing, PR and graphic design is required. Especially, considering the effect of the visual materials to be offered to the target audience, the importance of graphic design studies becomes clearer.

In our agency, we carry out web design, catalog, brochure, insert, indoor, outdoor communication activities that affect consumer psychology and promote brand identity with authentic, original and creative designs. We plan all marketing and communication materials according to the perception we want to create in our target audience and also closely monitor the production process.

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