Pushing up your company and brand...

We live in a world where boundaries of time and space have ceased to exist. The most important players of this new order include organizations, brands, and surely the consumers with ever-changing expectations. In short, the rules of the game have changed... Production and market achievements across the globe entirely rely on the ability of those brands to understand the new consumer profile and to make the right moves facing their expectations.

This is just where the communication consulting agencies assume the guiding role for the organizations and brands in their complex marketing strategies. A Communication agency that can correctly analyze your brand, along with the right perception management, will help you maintain your strong presence within the fierce competition environment and distinguish yourself from the rest.

We combine the most important marketing strategy methods and we empower your brand with 360-degree thinking and inclusion of the new generation’s communication codes into this process. Because, we recognize that acting reactively in an ever-changing and evolving world would not suffice anymore and we build an integrated structure that covers all. This integrated structure is based on the “PR, Media Relations, Event Management, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management.”

We aspire to be a different color in the communication industry, we strive for the best (as we have been for the last 15 years), we make difference, and we leave our mark on inspiring works. Sharing the same motivation and the same enthusiasm as we did when we first founded...



Dilek Akça
Agency President

Obtained her bachelor’s degree in public Relations and Promotion under the Communication Faculty from Ankara University in 1995. Pursuing her 8-year career working in media and agencies from 1996 to 2004, she founded Arma PR in 2004. She has been leading Arma PR as Agency President in offering services for 15 years.

Mehmet Ak
Brand Consultant

Having obtained his bachelor’s degree in graphic arts from Mimar Sinan University, Mehmet completed his master’s degree focusing on advertising at Istanbul University where he pursued his doctorate studies on public relations. Having the academic knowledge and professional experience of over 25 years, Mehmet Ak published two books and hundreds of articles.