Companies today conduct communication activities to consolidate their corporate brand. However only a few of them achieves. This is mainly because of pursuing the works independently, whereas they require an integrated planning.

At Arma PR, we create communication strategies in line with the business goals of the brand or the company, and we introduce creativity into marketing parameters in today’s world where branding has become increasingly more important. We carry out integrated communication activities for a strong image, a fair reputation management, positive perception before the target audience, and an effective positioning in the market, and consequently we offer fast and measurable results. Our services include;

Public Relations

Media Relations

With our expert team, we make sure that the messages that we determined in line with the needs and purposes of the company reach the target audience effectively through media. We conduct communication activities to make the communication between the company and media continuous.

Etkinlik & Proje Yönetimi

We implement organizations and projects in line with the target and vision determined based on the strategy of your brand/company. Within the Event & Project Management; we carry our works that creates difference and are inspiring for increasing brans recognition and/or sales.

Corporate PR

We plan and implement effective communication works for social partners and target audience to manage the reputation of your brand or company in commercial, social and sectoral area. We are creating all of our strategies as extensive, proactive and target oriented.

Digital Marketing

Digital PR

We make your brand to look visible in many online channels such as social media, search engines, blog, forum, news sites. We conduct modern communication processes that will meet the changing expectations and demands by using interactive and rapid channels.


Aiming at moving the websites, which are the face value of the brand/company on the internet, to the higher rankings in organic search results, the SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing methods. SEO enables the brands to reach more people with higher investment return.

Social Media

We produce effective content and projects that suit your target audience in social media channels which are the most important instrument of the modern era. We manage your social media accounts for you to reach creatively, rapidly, interactively, and effectively to the right people, in the right time and with right messages.

Digital Advertising

We make sure that your brand or company to be visible in virtual platforms by digital advertising that are accepted as the fastest interaction receiving advertising models amongst the modern marketing strategies. We increase your web site traffic with well-designed advertisements.


We make sure that you reach more people with our SEM services amongst the most effective and innovative advertising channels. At the same time, we create digital advertising strategies that are cost effective, high commercial return in short and long term and provide measurable results.

Advertising Services

Image Design

For the perception that the brand/company wants to have in consumers’ mind; elements such as the brand name, identity, logo, symbol, corporate colors, theme, and slogan must be planned correctly. We conduct all of our communication activities to suit your targets, complied together and in a unique way.

Graphic & Web Design

An effective promotional activity is possible with the communication material that affects the target audience and supports the brand identity. From this viewpoint, we present original and creative designs for catalogs, brochures, inserts, indoors, outdoors, and web design that can create the right perception.


As Arma PR, we design the visual face of your brand and company in the most professional way. As such, we schedule and execute photo shoots, 3D animation, promotional movies, viral videos, production works special for you that can add value to your brand.

Media Planning

An advertising campaign is only successful when it is reached the right target audience at the right time and with the right communication channels. In our planning activities, we create strategies that can catch the target audience and we enable that you reach the work goals by managing brand investments in the best way possible.

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