Creating Corporate and Brand Image

One of the most important conditions to create a strong brand is establishing an effective, correct communication strategy and image. If a brand builds its concept and image on effective foundations, its orbit will be equally large and permanent. The most important parameter for creating the corporate and brand image is the visual identity elements. Visual identity is the symbols that best and effectively express 'what you say' to the target audience of the brand.

The communication instrument, which embodies all the messages that the brand wants to show and tell, acts as a mirror that reflects the cultural codes and character of the company. For this reason, all visual identity elements created to establish a corporate and brand image should be revealed as a result of a meticulous research and should inspire by making a difference. But how?

New Rule When Establishing Corporate and Brand Image: Less is More

A globalizing world has created its own economic system. The rules of the game have changed, and the cards have been redistributed. Now we have a system that is consumer- and experience-oriented. The only way to be part of this system is to make the visual expression values strong and stand out from the others.

The rule is simple: less is more... It means that among a message pollution of thousands, we need to create a formulation that will ensure reaching the potential and existing target market and understanding the brand’s philosophy. This can be a logo, a color or a sound that remind the consumers on you. The important thing is that it represents an emotional idea. Because the rules of today's world require this to create a corporate and brand image.

Strong Players of Creating Corporate and Brand Image

Identity elements, which can be described as the brand’s signature, is the most important tool characterizing the corporate culture, mission, goals, strategies, control mechanisms, and services. When strong and well-designed visual identity elements are integrated with a well-planned theme;

  • It helps you to go one step further in changing competition conditions,
  • Each one allows you to be noticed on the repetitive service and product scale,
  • With the globalizing world, it offers solutions to the problem of adaptation that should be carried out with different target groups,
  • It reinforces the brand loyalty and sense of belonging,
  • It allows you to be the first to come to mind and occupy a place in the minds.

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