Corporate PR

Corporate PR designates a complement of activities to hit the target set in accordance with the brand’s/company’s strategies, to make the success sustainable, to ensure a proper reputation management, and to positively influence the public perception.

Corporate PR, which implicates both internal and external target audience of the brand/company, emerged as the PR principle was furnished with a post-modern vision. Encapsulating a wide range of PR branches, the Corporate PR is described as the integrated implementation of corporate communication, corporate social responsibility, and crisis management.

Corporate PR is a Management Function

Corporate PR, developed to answer the changing expectations of the evolving world, is of critical importance for companies facing high-level competition. It is not merely a superficial application of event management, but rather a management function. The Corporate PR is influential in the corporate culture, image, identity, and the steps it will take in case of a potential crisis. In this sense, it regulates relationships and it is comprehensive, proactive, and target oriented.

An Effective Corporate PR for A Strong Image

Image is the most effective tool of modern marketing. Today, people don’t just purchase products or services. They purchase the image that can be packaged, and the reputation attributed to that brand/company. Therefore, the goal is a lot more than just to sell. Similarly, the image goes beyond visual elements of the brand/company. A strong image, hence, an effective Corporate PR application, is required to be the favorite brand, to establish brand recognition, to create difference, to inspire, and, at the end of the day, to achieve brand loyalty.

Corporate PR Takes You Closer To Your Goals Ever Before

Corporate PR activities aim at creating an effective roadmap that leads directly to the goal by optimally determine weaknesses and strengths of the company. Offering Corporate PR services, Arma PR.

  • Performs a detailed analysis on your brand/company,
  • Determines advantages, creates proactive solutions that would neutralize potential risks,
  • Builds a strong relationship with your internal and external target audience, including shareholders
  • Takes decisions on how you should look and how you will be perceived,
  • Works to create added value and to increase productivity, based on the brand’s/company’s goals.

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