Arma PR has taken over the PR management of Loda Furniture

by | May 15, 2016 | Haberler

Loda Furniture preferred Arma PR to receive consultancy and application services such as media relations, sponsorship management, social responsibility management, etc.
Believing that design is the identity of a brand, Loda Furniture dominates the decoration norms with its signature collections. Loda, who sees design as a way of expressing itself, creates a strong design language unique to it with its above-the-line and eclectic designs. Interpreting loft and retro approaches with a modern perspective, Loda creates new life forms and new style stories with designers who are passionate about their work.
Aiming to go beyond the borders and break the routine in order to meet the developing expectations of the developing world, Loda establishes a holistic structure with its strong staff and nearly 20 years of experience. Defining all processes in a consumer-oriented framework with its visionary line, modern production system and marketing approach, Loda Furniture adopts global standards in the furniture industry with its understanding of "best service quality".

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