Media Relations

Properly implemented media relations strategies leave a mark in minds, making the brand stand out from the rest...

Public relations set agenda while media create it. Media account for the most basic source to establish the perception intended to be created in public. An effective ‘media relations management’ is the key to include brands and companies into this equation.

Media relations stand for the target-oriented communication efforts that will ensure that the messages created around the brand's strategies meet the public. Arma PR determines the codes through which the brand/company needs to be positioned in minds while contacting the right people at the right time to ensure that your messages are properly covered in the media.

Media Dynamics and Media Relations

Media relations create news...

What becomes news? What are the parameters that would translate a message into a news? These questions can only be answered if you are aware of and correctly analyze the media dynamics, and you effectively implement the process. Media communication, which is one of the most significant practices within the PR processes, is based on conveying messages to the media that have news value on the services, products, and ideas of your company. Being aware of media priorities, analyzing the agenda and creating news by seizing the potential opportunities are the most important capabilities to achieve this. Timing is important but serving real news is essential.

Media Relations Management and Methods

Media relations management enable your brand to become a reference point within the industry.

There are a number of methods and practices used to communicate the business goals of your brand and company to the members of press, within a mutual collaboration. Although media is a tool on its own, there are different ways to access them. Creating content is on top of the list. Content management creates a story for what your company and brand wish to say, and serves written arguments that will create the same perception in the minds of both public and media.

An effective media communication is based not only on a wide network but also close relations that would make this communication sustainable. Ability to build these established relations on mutual collaboration is essential. Arma PR combines the forces of its 15-year experience in the sector and its strong relations established over long years in order to effectively manage media relations. Working with Turkey’s major companies operating in different industries, Arma PR helps your company to leave its mark thanks to its position dominating the communication spheres.

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