MOD Design Have Chosen Its PR Agency

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Haberler

Mod Design, which designs modern and stylish workspaces in the field of office furniture, chose Arma PR to carry out its communication works.We are providding assistance to promote their unique designs.
With the motto of adding a new dimension to the classic office perception, Mod Design has been continuing its rapid growth by producing furniture, personal office and separation systems with its innovative perspective and designs that add dynamism to the sector since the day it was founded. In addition to the innovative designs it offers for offices, it also makes a name for itself with the support it provides to the sector-oriented studies. When it comes to design, Mod Design, which adheres to the rule of "trying the untested" and has a strong stance in the sector with what it reveals, is increasing its standards day by day in order to serve the changing consumer expectations at the maximum level.

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