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Public Relations

Media Relations

One of the most important factors in the success of a communication program is effective "Media Relations Management". Media is the most basic resource for fast, reliable and continuous communication with your target audience. At the same time, it is the most important stakeholder for building the perception desired to be created on the public and for the activities carried out in line with the determined goals. As Arma PR, we ensure that your messages are conveyed to the audience you want to reach, at the right time, through the right channels, in line with the goals of your company and your brand. Within the scope of Media Relations activities, we organize interviews, special news, press conferences and press tours, and we maintain effective communication.

Event & Project Management

Event and project management that has become the most powerful communication tool of modern times; It is the most important gear of the wheel for companies, institutions and brands to achieve their sales and marketing goals. Successful event projects that you can contact with your target audience will strengthen your brand. By reaching your customers directly, you can promote your products and services, and create a change in thinking and behavior by making them experience. In line with these goals, we implement projects that will ensure your company's products and services are promoted and appreciated in the most effective way. We organize PR campaigns and organizations, we support the realization of your goals with the sponsorship activities and social responsibility projects we carry out.

Corporate PR

Corporate PR is a comprehensive process management that is carried out in line with the business objectives of the organizations and includes many marketing parameters. Within this process, it depends on public relations; Principles such as corporate reputation management, internal communication, corporate social responsibility, event management and crisis management are integrated with each other. All these studies; It creates corporate culture and identity, and reinforces the loyalty and sense of belonging to the brand and institution. We, as Arma PR, contribute to getting one step ahead in changing competition conditions with our academic-based information-based corporate public relations services. We make you noticed in the scale of services and products, each repeating each other.

Importance of Public Relations

The world is changing. So are the rules, expectations, and demands. In this era of change, public relations integrate communication processes into creative and effective strategies as a companion for brands and companies. Leading brands and companies in this journey of branding, a public relations agency makes sure that you stand out amongst thousands of brands and messages while positioning your brand or company in a different and unique point. PR builds relationships. And a PR agency, conducting activities to turn these relationships into success, makes you a ‘Brand’ by taking you beyond the ‘Service or product.’

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