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Advertising; Always Be One Step Ahead

There is only one action that has not changed in the hundreds of thousands of years of history of the universe; it’s changing! This action, which is an irresistible impulse, has been implemented in every aspect of life. Over time nature has changed, people have changed, ideas have changed and inevitably the rules of marketing have changed! As a result, we can talk about a much more heterogeneous, eclectic and hybrid marketing communication. Advertising is one of the most effective tools in modern marketing activities.


A Good Advertising is Everything...

It would be optimistic to expect to be preferred as a brand / company in the triangle of hundreds of brands, thousands of messages and consumers. Much more must be done in the modern era, where borders are gradually disappearing, competition is reaching global dimensions, expectations are changing, feelings and experiences become more influential than rationality. At this point, all communication channels should be used in coordination with each other, and advertising and promotion activities with thought-out details should be carried out.

The target audience should be influenced, and different and inspiring works should be offered through advertising activities that meet the changing consumer expectations and difficult buying habits on a common ground. Advertising activities that accurately reflect the social structure of the modern world where image is prioritized should be executed. Because good advertising is everything to succeed in the free market economy.

Advertising is Image, Advertising is Sales, Advertising is Reputation

Advertising for the brand / company must be included in the communication activities. Individuals of the modern era consume not just to meet their needs, but to purchase the image of the product / service and the image of the brand / company. At this point, the more successfully the perception of the consumer is managed with advertising, the faster the target and sales expectations are reached. Because he consumer purchases the image through perceptions, and not the product.

The way that consumers perceive the brand / company plays a decisive role in their buying habits. Therefore, the advertising activities not only determine how the product / service is positioned, but also they nourish the image of the brand / company and manage its reputation in line with the target. At Arma PR, we carry out centralized, integrated and rapid promotion activities drawing on our 360-degree service horizon.

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