SEKA, Reborn To Shape The Future

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Haberler

Seka, one of the most important symbols of the history of the republic and growing generations, has now been turned into a museum to carry the story of paper to the future. We managed the media relations of the opening of the Seka Paper Museum, which came back to life after 80 years.
SEKA Paper Factory was reopened as a museum 80 years after its establishment. The museum, built on an area of 12 thousand 345 square meters, consists of 4 floors and 16 different halls. Visitors starting from the founding of the factory is able to follow the life story of paper’s spread to Turkey. The museum also hosts many historical elements, from the paper production process to the equipment used. Moreover, the archives in the museum can be accessed online. The exhibition includes Roman Period coins, documentary videos from the history of SEKA, and sculptures made from paper and recycled materials. The museum collection and archive is gradually expanding with ongoing donations.

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