SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

We are living in a transformation era. A digital transformation era...

Marketing strategies recognized a decade ago are no longer valid within the existing system. Traditional methods alone fail to meet the expectations of the target audience and to sustain success. At this point, digital marketing strategies are included in the communication processes. Using SEO, which is a publicity principle allowing the brand/company to improve search engine rankings, is one of the most important solutions.

Aiming at moving the websites, which are the displays of the brand/company on the internet, to the higher rankings in organic search results, the SEO ensures an intense traffic and access to the target audience. SEO activities implemented through keywords determined in accordance with the service area and goals of the brand / company optimizes the ranking criteria of search engines.

SEO: Undisputed Power of Digital Marketing, Why Is It Important?

Today, more than 4 million searches are made from search engines in just one minute. Millions of people use search engines to get information about products and services. SEO enables your brand to stand out from the rest and to rank first in search engines that shape the behavior and purchasing relationships.

Making you visible in digital media which is the most important market in the new order, SEO combines interactive techniques in order increase brands, mainly interactive techniques to increase the brand recognition and to complete the branding process. SEO is the most effective way to reach the potential, attract the target audience to the website, achieve the targeted sales success, increase the reliability of the brand/company, and provide high return on investment.

  • Fast,
  • Lower costs,
  • Gives prestige,
  • Offers measurable results,
  • Easy to analyze,
  • Gives the opportunity to monitor the competition,
  • Offers competitive edge,
  • Makes positive contribution to the company/brand in the short-term and long-term.

SEO Goes Hand in Hand with Content

 SEO mainly focuses on ranking the website higher in the search engine results by increasing the website value, thus increasing the traffic to the website. One of the most important criteria that will ensure this is the 100% original content and the quality text that are created for the website. At Arma PR, we recognize the effective role of creating SEO-complied content in ensuring success of the sites, and we take you always one step ahead of the game, offering you contents that are created by our professional editors.

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