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The new business model in communication: Social Media Management

Social media channels, which have gained an important place in our lives with the digitalization of marketing strategies, have started to dominate the communication processes as well as affecting the business world. There are important parameters behind the effectiveness of social media channels. First of all, usual rules that are very different from traditional channels do not apply to social media. The fact that the control and command are in the hands of the consumer made the work of the brands / companies difficult while creating a brand-new communication model. A consumer-centric and experiment-oriented communication model...

This is not the only parameter distinguishing social media, which is the new power of the modern era, from traditional media. Social media, which has changed the one-way communication process from scratch, offers a two-way and faster relationship. An active social media management, In addition to being measurable, less costly, offers the opportunity to position the service / product much more effectively. Social media, which makes everything accessible by removing all boundaries in the universe, brings the world at your fingertips.

What Does The Right Social Media Management Add to Your Brand/Company?

Social media management is indispensable for the business world today, with a daily average of 1 billion people online. A social media management approach that has strong foundations develops the most proper language of expression because it will be the powerful representative of the brand/company in the digital. With a proper perception management, it leads the brand/company to achieve its goals. Social media management, which is carried out by centering the strategies of the brand / company, constantly changing consumer expectations and the internal and external dynamics of the relevant sector, increases the company / brand value and reliability.

Steps towards an Effective Social Media Management...

An effective execution of social media management requires, brand and competitor analysis, proper determination of the target audience, and a strong content and advertising management.

At Arma PR, we are working for the brand/company to.

  • Get through its existing and potential target audience with a correct language,
  • Increase its recognition in social media,
  • Raise the interaction level,
  • We are creating a road map to strengthen its image and brand reputation.

Within the scope of the social media communication strategy we have prepared, we ensure that the messages created to the promotion of the brand / company, to explain their services and to emphasize their differences are transferred to the target audience in the most effective way.

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