Viking Cleaning Visually İmpaired Friendly Products

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Haberler

We launched Barrier-Free Cleaning of Viking, one of the leading brands in the cleaning industry, by integrating its deep-rooted past with innovative approaches.

They are acting with social responsibility and adopt a principled approach to work, Turkey's leading brand of Viking Cleaning, has signed an important study. Viking Cleaning, which launched the Barrier-Free Clean mobile application to facilitate the lives of visually impaired individuals, introduced its project at the Museum of Dialogue in the Dark on Tuesday, April 3. Participants had an unforgettable experience with the "Dialogue in the Dark" event while learning about the Barrier-Free Cleaning project and the Premium series at the organization, which attracted a large number of guests and press members. The guests, who went on a journey that they had never experienced before in a completely dark area, accompanied by visually impaired guides for 50 minutes, discovered how to see in a new and different way by touching, smelling and hearing.

Introducing QR-coded product packaging at the same time, Viking Cleaning aims to be the digital assistant of visually impaired individuals. The codes read through the application, developed in accordance with iOS and Android, enable people to access product contents and referral messages. With the Free Barrier-Free Cleaning application, products are easily distinguished from each other and it is explained in detail which product will be used in which area and how much.

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